I’m not at home until I’ve waxed the floors


It’s true. On my hands and knees. My kids will tell you how treacherous life was after I applied butcher’s wax to our wood floors. A brief walk in socks could send you flying.

Same is true here on Deal Island. What struck me the first time we were here was how the floors shined. They were clean this visit but not gleaming. While Tim was off clearing nasty nettles off the track to Winter Cove, I got busy.

First I washed and stripped, the floors. I looked forward to using the 1950’s era home floor polisher again. Just like the ones used in commercial spaces but smaller, and fun!


Then I applied two coats of wax. Now I can call the Caretaker’s house home.


We had some fair weather and aired the lighthouse and buildings. I took some nice shots of the living compound during our walk.


We stay in the group of buildings in the distance, to the right of center. It’s about a 40 minute walk to the lighthouse from there.


Today there’s a gale wind from the northwest. I’ve done the best I could to protect the plants in the garden. Time will tell.

2 thoughts on “I’m not at home until I’ve waxed the floors

  1. Great mirror shine on the floors! Thrilled to see the Bella Donna lillies flowering on baby’s grave at lighthouse. Finally coming back after they were poisoned some years back. Would really appreciate a closer image when you are back up the hill. Our spinners, knitters and weavers are so impressed by your ingenuity and completed projects so far. Cheers to you both.


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