Travel time. I arrived in Washington, DC to have a staycation (for her) with my daughter and help her out after oral surgery.


I made myself at home in her beautiful apartment and tried to make a cup of coffee while she slept in. I finally found a coffee maker but no coffee. So I opted for a cup of tea instead. There was plenty of tea, hot water, milk and sugar. I had to look hard among all the bar ware to find a mug though. I spotted martini glasses, champagne flutes, beer glasses and a shaker.

Ice packs were stored among several bottles of liquor in the freezer. I did spot a package of frozen peas in there too, if needed in a pinch.

Post op, I visited my favorite DC yarn shop, Looped Yarn Works, and bought some lovely yarn to crochet boot toppers for the long DC summer. These were super quick and will just peak over the top of work boots.

I benefitted from the generosity of family and friends and helped eat the ice cream she received while we watched scary TV, The Following, and Romantic Comedies. Bittersweet.



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