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We were supposed to go ashore today to run a few errands and pick up a couple of people from Audubon who place purple martin houses on the island. I woke up at 5:30 and heard the sound of wind from the south. It was whistling and ultimately small craft warnings were announced so we stayed ashore. I got to weave with my pin loom and then we repaired the fence around an enclosure where native plants are growing. The fence keeps the black tailed deer out and we’ll use the weed wacker to prevent invasive grass seeds from landing inside it. Next we placed markers at daffodil plants that will be removed from the island after they bloom, and potentially sold as heirloom bulbs as a fundraiser, to make the way for native prairie grass.

Weather was supposed to improve midday but it didn’t so perhaps we will get to rendezvous tomorrow. The clouds and rainbows are incredible.


The new spikes on the house are working, mostly. One seagull managed to inch its feet just up to the spikes and accompany the lone gull on the chimney.


Every day we run across the remains of a mostly eaten bird. I’m not sure if the predator is the northern harrier that stays nearby or one of at least eight eagles we have seen.   They rudely leave the carcass on our wood chopping block. Tim still uses it, I don’t.


We’ll see what tomorrow’s weather brings.





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We try to air the lighthouse in sunny, breezy days to prevent mold and algae growth. It takes at least an hour to walk there and back. Tim opened it in the morning and I closed it before dinner.

To my delight, I saw several rainbows during my walk.



When I got to the lighthouse, sea squalls looked like clouds rising directly from the ocean.


And there were more rainbows arising from the sea.



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Off island

Back on the mainland of the Alaskan panhandle. Yesterday began with a whale just next to the island.
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We were picked up and got to watch long lines of halibut (and lots of starfish) brought on board.


This starfish was sort of creepy and only a few inches.

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After the fish was prepared and iced, we steamed north to Juneau and passed six rainbows!

All in all, a beautiful trip. This morning began with a four am alarm and our journey home will end three pm tomorrow: twelve hours today (cheap flights, too many connections) an overnight in Manhattan (island to island travel) and a six hour train home. Phew.

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