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Please sing the title to this post in tune. Fall foliage is fabulous and fantastic.
This morning.

Lunch yesterday with the women’s hiking cooperative on the ledge on Rooster Comb.

Clouds viewed during my walk at home.


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Fog descended again this morning and created surreal landscapes. I think I’ll stick around the homestead and finally do some fiber work.

Iron mountain

Shrouded hills

Morning mist

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Morning Fog

Something I experience often but seldom see.

Morning Fog

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We made it home but not unscathed. I was scathed. Our black cat, Loki put up a big fight because he just didn’t want to leave Seguin. While we began taking our stuff outside, I saw a black lump under one of the beds and thought, “no problem, we’ll load up and then I’ll collect him from his hiding place”. Well actually the first thought I had was, “we better box Loki before we do anything because he always gives us a hard time”. This tops them all.

He fooled me. He bunched up a t-shirt and left it under the bed to look like he was sleeping there and then hid in a crawl space behind the basement. The basement is bad enough but this place has a 2 foot high hole in the wall to get into it and then is a crawl space full of 150 years of debris. I tried luring him out with tuna, while a film crew unloaded their gear for a film they were shooting on the island. When it was time to go and we still didn’t have Loki, I had to go in. I donned foul weather gear to protect my arms and head from all the fiberglass and dove in. I had Ethan’s friend Christian, as back-up and he saw Loki dive out when I dove in and ran across to the other side of the basement and dove into the identical, gross crawl space there. In I went again, I got him out but he got away and then got trapped in a window, behind a dresser and under a couch before he was finally captured due to the heroic efforts of all.

So there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home. This morning brought a beautiful sunrise and fog is now settling in the valley. Why do we keep leaving?

Sunrise over Otis

Home team colors

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