In the company of strangers

We saw Deal Island from a new perspective yesterday. A luxury yacht anchored in the cove the night before and called us and said they wanted to see a little of the island. They didn’t have a lot of time but checked out the museum and Barn Hill, which has some spectacular views of Murray Passage. Then they asked us if we wanted to come with them to Erith Island before they left. You betcha!

It was strange because it was our first time off the island for three months. Sort of a practice run for this weekend. The passage between Erith and Deal Islands is much more open then it seems from up at the caretaker cottage. We got to look back at the island and the compound from the water and then from Erith.


While we were anchoring, we saw our first sea eagle on the rocks of Erith.


We walked the tracks to explore the shack and campsites we knew were there. Then on the way back, we were joined by dolphins. P3090145.JPG

When we got back we walked to the lighthouse which was shrouded in fog. Quite a day.


Earl stood us up

How weird is this? The hurricane passed us by and I have to admit, I am a little disappointed. It was on my mind all week. We don’t have television but we checked every updated weather report to follow it’s projected path. I read about cones of probablity and the 100-200-300 Mariner’s rule, which visually display the probability of a storm’s path. First it was predicted to be offshore, then about 35 miles away and in the end…I slept through it. I stayed awake until midnight but all the action took place while I was sleeping. Hurricanes are much more dramatic when they happen during daylight hours.

The day began with an amazing sunrise sky. In the afternoon, it got dark when the fog rolled in. Other than the red sky in the morning, I couldn’t see any signs that would have warned me that a storm was brewing and headed this way.

  P9030057.JPGP9030041.JPG   P9030029.JPG

I finished up the three sweaters I have been working on for my friend’s daughters. Today is sunny and the winds are gusty so it is a perfect laundry day. I will wash and block them. I designed all three sweaters and at least I had fun working on them. The castle picture is from Barbara Walker and I used Ann Budd’s set in sleeve sweater. The aran sweater is a raglan cardigan knit in pieces with 3 stitch patterns. The last is a top down raglan with a slip stitch pattern from Barbara Walker. Now I am knitting a hat to keep me warm when we head to Seguin Island in Maine, next week for the month.


Windows and skies

After the storm last week, we heard a foghorn offshore and went out to see a coal ship entering Salem Harbor. While we checked the windows for leaks, we were able to follow it as it entered the harbor. I shot a video of it with our foghorn in the background that is here.


P8250038.JPG P8250044.JPG

There was another gorgeous pink and blue sunset tonight. We’ll enjoy the weather while we can. We’re expecting some strong winds due to Hurricane Earl later this week. We are at the end of our provisions as we anticipate moving off the island. I managed to crack all our remaining eggs this morning when I dropped the crate. I think they’ll be fine, they are just pre-cracked.


The fog rolled in


The other day, at sunset, a fog bank rolled by. I could actually see the wave of fog pass Great Misery Island. Eventually, it drifted over us as well.


Today, while we had lunch by the lighthouse, one of the seagulls we’ve watched grow up, was testing its wings. It was persistent and managed to get off the ground. We are not huge fans of seagulls, but we have seen this one since it was an egg and I even change my running route when the adults are around and try to attack me to protect it.

Our resident seagull takes flight