What a difference a day makes

Yesterday it snowed in the morning and then rained and was windy. Somehow,  the fog rolled in and the Fire Island Lighthouse, which is only a mile away, disappeared.   Here’s the view january-2813from my deck today, when the skies cleared and yesterday.  january-289In fact, it was so nice today that a charter fishing boat was out.

Since I didn’t want to go off island yesterday, and we needed bagels, I tackled bagel baking again.  I have tried this in the past, twice, with mixed results.  My last batch looked great until I boiled them, the water was a rolling boil and it disintegrated the bagels.  This time I boiled them at a low simmer and they were a success, from The Joy of Cooking.january-2812

I’m still working on my daughter’s Duxbury cable sweater and the yarn and the pattern are beautiful.  I’ve been working out the math since I made some pattern modifications and think I have a plan.  On the spinning front, I plied my 50/50 merino/alpaca blend and it’s luscious.  I played around with a “longer” draw and had some success.january-2815