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IMG_1083We’re only on the other side of the country but it seems like we’re in another world or in a time warp. People couldn’t be friendlier when we are ashore. Strangers start conversations and cars yield to our bikes, mostly. Our plans to swim at the YMCA yesterday were canceled because when we rode into town, a big party was underway for irrigation day. Who knew? Harleys, muscle cars, marching bands, firetrucks, and even the sewage truck took part.

Weather changes in the blink of an eye, it rains, the sun comes out, rainbows dazzle, the wind picks up, the waves build.

It took 3 tries to have a weather and tide window to pick up two Audubon volunteers who came out to install purple martin boxes on the dock. Mission accomplished today.

We learned that a great horned owl uses the area around the cabin as a dining room, which is why we find well picked carcasses about. The eagles enjoy almost anything but don’t dine near us.

We heard the owl at the end of the video.

We made it ashore today before small craft warnings kicked in again. The bikes need a little work. I’m having some brake trouble. If anyone knows the name of the doohiggy screw thing that connects the cable to the lever, please let me know. Mine is pretty bent and not holding too well and I want to order a new one. People thought we were part of the parade yesterday. I did the princess wave and smiled to the cries of, “Nice Bike”.


The grocery store had a dragon fruit, something I have never heard of.  I’m not brave enough to eat it yet because it was fairly pricey and I want to read about it first but the produce manager said they are even more stunning when they first arrive.


We’ve got our own stunning fruit tree on the island.


And the number of seagulls that greet us on the roof when we return home each day continues to grow. I think the one in the foreground was actually leaning on the spikes. So much for that. They’re still not sliding down the roof yet though. We’ll see.



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I can’t complain when my new work station looks like this.


Our caretaker cabin is quite cozy and was in ship shape condition when we arrived.  Pictures to follow some day.  We spent the past couple of days tidying up the inside and outside, and going through all the drawers and various buildings to take an inventory. After a little hiccup with the propane fridge, all is well. Bad weather was supposed to arrive yesterday.  It came today instead. Not too bad, just right.

We got out on the boat to patrol the island before it arrived.  Yesterday was one of 3 halibut fishing days in the state and there were way more boats on the water than we have seen.  None got too close to the island though.


The seagulls have company.  We spot more bald eagles every day.  Here’s a family that flies by the house.

One little egg wasn’t so lucky and we have spotted some feathers on the road.


I’m not sure if this is seagull love, but they were certainly close.  The eagles seem a bit more sedate.


Might be a night for the wood stove.  All’s well with the wind blowing outside. Time for tea and knitting.

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