Baby it’s cold outside

The weather outside is frightful…pc190035well not exactly but it’s pretty cold so I have taken to indoor projects.  I knitted up a baby set based upon Elizabeth Zimmerman and just love it.  I enjoy that her projects get me to think like a knitter and not just follow a pattern completely.ez-sweater-set

Next i knit up a cowl from fleece I had washed and spun as part of my fiber study. It’s bond fleece and is so light and fluffy, handspun-cowlI’ll have to invest in more and think of future projects but will probably stick to one color.

p1100009Yesterday, I was on my own so tried my hand at kool aid dyeing of some p1110001corriedale cream roving  and loved it.  it was easy, not too messy and non-toxic.  My local grocery store didn’t have any blue kool aid so I may have to move on to food coloring.  I followed very helpful instructions from purecrafty’s blog.  So far I have spun up a single and will figure out how I want to mix and ply the colors.These are not my usual earth tones so it may be challenging figuring out the right project.

Finishing Projects

I had the day to myself.  The wind howled most of the day and I didn’t venture out until 5 pm to run.  I am privileged to be here.  I ran along the boardwalk and walked along the ocean.  By the time I ran, the winds had calmed.  The mosquitoes were absent but the deer were in full force.

I finished my knitting projects, blocked my Swallowtail Shawl, took photos and am ready to shape the back of  my Katharine Hepburn sweater.  Last night I began experimenting with my tripod and camera settings for moon and Fire Island Lighthouse sunsets.

Fogged in once again

We moved from Maine, where we were fogged in most of the summer, to Fire Island, where it was beautiful all summer.  The fog rolled in with us.  It’s been rainy and foggy for most of our stay.   We learned not to let it cramp our outdoors lifestyle though.  DH kayaked and I took a long walk to the library and back on the beach.  Today, the Fire Island lighthouse has peeked in and out of the fog.  I’ve begun knitting two projects, which I can work on during my 3 hour train commute (one way) tomorrow.