Whimsical mosaics of Aniane

This post has been updated to include new finds and put them all in one place.

These appeared subtly. First we casually saw a few, then we looked harder and finally it was like a scavenger hunt. Tim found six more one day when he walked on his own through the village, with an old camera that lacked connectivity. Here’s our complete set.

First, we noticed a blue beetle on the wall.

Then a ghost on the wall of the cemetery.

Next a frog and submarine by the aquaducts.

A flying pink pig above the charcuterie.

A fly on the wall of Rue Font Picotiere, with a panda for good measure.

A glass of wine with grapes across from the Caviste.

A slice of cake at the boulangerie

And 2 little hedgehogs possibly near the day care

All adorable and subtle. Perhaps more will appear during our stay in Aniane. They give a modern, whimsical nature to this village, which grew around its ancient abbey built in 782.


Then Tim hit the jackpot.

It starts with an idea and then a lightbulb goes on.

Here’s me on the old road. I spent a lot of time knitting a Shetland baby blanket during our travels. That’s what I was doing when he found this image.

There wasn’t a hospital in the village so babies arrive by stork. True fact.

Be prepared.

Over one of the village watering troughs.

This next one isn’t part of the series but it’s still a mosaic in town.

We couldn’t find anyone who fessed up to being involved in this project but it made us smile.


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