It’s winter in the north country. So naturally, we headed further north, for our first trip to Canada, in two years.

Are we moving?

After completing paperwork and Covid testing, we arrived in Lévis, a ferry ride away from Quebec City. The St. Lawrence River still had plenty of commercial and ice traffic to watch and we took a few ferry rides back and forth.

Most of our activities took place outdoors and when we had to venture inside, proof of vaccination was required.

So real

But there was plenty to do outdoors and we were prepared for cold weather. We spent hours walking around the city, visiting the outdoor German Christmas Market and tucking in to warm up periodically.

We visited an interesting exhibit in the Musée de Civilisation about merde, more commonly known as shit! It actually was very informative although we skipped the aroma exhibit. Too much of the world lacks access to clean water and sanitation.

Musée de civilisation

Back in Lévis, there was a light show in a park just next to our AirBNB, complete with ice sculptures.

On our way home we skated in the magical Domain du Foret Perdu, or the lost forest, where there were 15 km of ice skating trails through the woods. They even have a Zamboni, so the ice was smooth.

Not smooth enough for me however. I took a face plant where I truly landed flat on my face, luckily in a snow back. No broken bones.

Once home, we enjoyed a quiet holiday. The evergreens were decorated, inside and out, and the geraniums are blooming, despite the snow outside.


2 thoughts on “Illusions

  1. Beautiful photography! I Used to visit Canada frequently. Cross border trips as a kid with my Mom to the Farmer’s Markets; baseball excursions to Jarry Park (where I had my 1st stadium beer at age 12) & “The Big O” to see “Les Expos”. Then later on, baseball trips to Kingston, Ottawa, Toronto & Kanata during my own semi-pro pitching career. Plus, of course, many cross border beer runs. We live in Watertown now, but haven’t been back across the bridge in quite a few years. My & Son in Law owns a family summer cottage on Grindstone Island. The closest I get these days is international waters on their boat.


    • Thank you. The international waters are beautiful. One year, we sailed to the St. Lawrence from Lake Champlain via the locks. My trips to Canada tend towards Quebec. I started studying French just before the borders closed. Our ability to move easily back and forth is welcome. Lynne

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