Weather the weather

Whether the weather is good or bad, we get to spend time outdoors. Surf is up in East Cove with winds from the west in the 50 mph range. I am mostly prepared for any weather. The one drawback in the cottage is that the bathroom windows, one bathroom has a shower, the other a toilet, are permanently open. Nice lots of time. Not so nice when the temperature and wind are both in the 50’s, Fahrenheit and mph. Lucky for me I brought Qivuit or musk ox yarn and knit it up into a stylish wimple, or long cowl, that stretches over my head. Very stylish, just like the flying nun. I just finished reading Arctic Dreams by Barry Lopez and learned that Qivuit is 8 times warmer than wool! And before this I was the biggest wool advocate I know for summer and winter. So in the house, I often wear a hat, wimple, wool shirt, cashmere sweater and alpaca socks, also knit here.

Which brings me to the fact that sometimes you have to find indoor activities. I have been trying to master Andean Pebble Weave with a backstrap loom. I have finished several bands with silk sewing thread. Now I am trying out this rayon. I measured the warp around kitchen chairs and called in the utensils to arrange my threads. Now to keep my hands warm.


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