Geese to the left of me, skinks to the right, here I am

Stuck on an island with you! Well not stuck exactly, but we are not going anywhere soon.

Weather is turning a bit cooler is windy but still lovely. One visitor asked how we liked the wind. Much better on land than on a boat thank you very much. We only have to deal with downed trees and branches. Even when it howls, we have a safe shelter. The animals don’t even seem to notice.

The geese still yodel to one another from outside our bedroom window in the middle of the night despite Tim’s barricade. I sometimes sleep right through it.

The garden is keeping me busy. Still with heaps of tomatoes, zucchini are slowing down. Something has been eating my corn!! Now we only have five ears left. It looks like a possum may have gotten in. I have set a live trap for it, baited with a young ear of corn, and a couple of rat traps because I saw one scurrying around the other day. I feel like Chevy Chase in Caddyshack, hello Mr. Possum, it’s only me… I’ll try to avoid blowing the whole place up in my attempt to clear it of vermin.

Days fly by. We have already been here for one month! Food stores seem to be holding up. Yesterday was a mad baking day: pie crust, biscotti, granola, English muffins and … tomato soup. I had a bowl with fresh English muffins and homemade ginger ale for lunch and it warmed my soul.

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