We followed plan b to the island and took a short plane ride due to sea and tide conditions. It was wonderful to see the island from above. It was a little disconcerting when we had to strap our lift vests on before we even took off but I had been forewarned. The pilot didn’t even crack a smile when I asked if there would be refreshments served on board.

img 3329

Our transport

img 3297

be prepared


4jxttqirrh69yjoqcqtwea thumb 1c0c

airstrip flock of Cape Barren Geese

One of our jobs will be to keep the landing strip mowed and free of wallabies and geese if a plane is due. I counted 15 wallabies and nine geese there during my walk yesterday.

img 3327

there’s our landing strip?

unadjustednonraw thumb 1c0b

circling Deal Island




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