Look what we found

We finally saw Mount Baker.  Who knew it was lurking there in the clouds, 68 miles away and just beyond our vision, for the past 3 weeks.


This shot was taken from the mainland. Protection Island is to the right and Mount Baker is to the left. Striking! I guess it was cloudier than we thought.

IMG_1221The weather is supposed to be sunny this week, but we are hunkering down for a gale tomorrow. We’ll stay on the island and wait it out. I love windy weather when we are safely ashore, especially when it’s sunny.

Yesterday began with dense fog. I thought we might have to delay our pre-play swim until after the performance but it cleared at 9:30 am as predicted.


So we made it ashore and gassed up the boat, with 82 gallons of gas!!! rode our bikes to the YMCA, swam, ate lunch out, saw the play, The Gin Game, shopped and made it home by 6:30. Quite a day on the town.

Today I had a chance to use my new Sami rigid heddle loom to work on pick up weaving. This is a northern Swedish style of weaving and it seems like pick up weaving with training wheels since the pattern threads are threaded separately.

I tied myself off and these two sat down to watch me in action.


They are building a nest just above the picnic table on the porch and are less than happy to see me. They chirp, twitter and make clicking sounds, but I am here to stay for a few months.IMG_1224

Another craft to learn. Lucky for me I have some time on my hands. Durhamweaver has some great blog posts and youtube videos demonstrating this. Thank goodness for unlimited data.


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