Little house on the prairie

  That’s the plan anyway. There’s a project to restore the island’s native grasses. This means we have to remove daffodils that were planted in the 1960’s and flourished untended since then. 

  Once they’ve bloomed, we’re to dig them up and dry them out and return them to the mainland. Then the area will be razed or burned to make way for the native grasses. 

Today I mowed. I’ve been (ahem) told I should be able to just pick up the mower and put it in the truck bed. I huffed and I puffed but couldn’t lift that mower. So I used ramps instead. Still tough but I made it. 

The purple martin houses that were installed last week are all occupied and then some. Perhaps these birds were from the east where they are used to living in apartments not single family homes. More than one couple perched on a house at the same time. Maybe they were just visiting. 

There was a military fly by today heading towards Seattle. Geese flying south?


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