The animals that greet us when we get home

I’m used to a friendly cat greeting my on my return home.  Here on Protection Island, it’s all about the birds.  The first time we pulled into the little harbor was magical.  There are always large numbers of pigeon guillemots, harlequin ducks, a few oystercatchers, a couple of eagles and thousands of seagulls.  Seals have landed on the island and the surrounding sandspits.  I don’t think they are elephant seals but they sure do make a huge pile.


This guy was watching us when we left today.


We went ashore to swim and shop and I decided to relax in a little sunshine when we returned home.  As I sat and wove outside, two black tailed deer gingerly approached me, but approach they did until the seagulls’ squawking drove them away.



We’re the intruders here after all.


2 thoughts on “The animals that greet us when we get home

    • I’ve heard there of been as many as 80 Blacktail deer here. We Have seen at least 30. I think it’s about 380 acres.


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