Friendly neighbors to the north

Oh Canada.We spent a day and a half traveling under bridges and through ten locks to descend about 70 feet to the level of the St. Lawrence Seaway where we are docked tonight. 

We are stunned by the friendly and helpful people we have met. While we waited for a lock passage, we wandered ashore to get our hands on a phone Tom could use in Canada. Both of our phones are too old, without SIM cards, to use internationally. A car pulled over and asked us if we were lost. Tim asked the driver if he knew of  a phone store and Stephan said there were none near by, but hop in- into a fairly new BMW.

 After the briefest hesitation, we did. He drove us to two different stores, explained what we needed in French, then waited while our new phone was activated!!

Later that night, we had a small mishap and an electrical fire. Only a ground wire burned and we needed a replacement for our 12 volt charger. We asked a lockmate but he didn’t have any aboard his 50 foot  cruiser. But a father, who was cycling along the canal with two toddlers in a trailer, overheard and said, “Wait here. I live only 30 seconds away and will bring some back”. And he did and now our outlet is working again. 

Tomorrow’s tasks include trying to get the depth finder to work, although our lead line comes in handy; step the mast using a crane at the marina (I’ve been watching youtube videos); shopping; laundry; and repairing a leak or two. 

Here are some shots of our canal passage. 

 These cute buildings were at each of the locks. At several, the keepers traveled by car or foot and met us at the next lock.

The doors were opened and closed by hand cranks and the majority of lock keepers were women.

They packed us in very well.

In contrast to yesterday’s glorious weather, it rained all day today so I have nothing to show for today’s journey other than wet foul weather gear. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.


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