I drove an hour to meet Tim after 7 hours of sailing. Lovely day – not.  20+ knot winds and 3-4 foot seas and drizzle. After the wind subsided he took a nap and left me to motor the upper portion of Lake Champlain, around Isle la Mott to Rouses Point and the border. 

 After an hour in Customs, we learned our boat’s Blue Book value is pretty low and for $380 Canadian, we imported it to Canada. There’s a slim, probably none, chance we’ll get this back when we return the boat to the States.

Few small problems at the moment. We can’t find our Topclimber, which Tim uses to go up the mast.  Not much of a problem now since the mast is lying on the deck. More importantly, our depth finder is not working. So last night we poked around with a lead line, found a decent spot and dropped anchor. Then Tim let out plenty more line because wind picked up overnight, as predicted, and we rocked and rolled for at least 4 hours. 

We must still be in the United States though because I still have internet.  But I can see the Canadian Customs house from my cockpit.



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