Squally Cove


We took a walk to Squally Cove the other day. It’s a bit of a hike: lots of slippery switchbacks with ti tree leaves; and is completed by a rope attached to a tree for the final descent to the beach. There are lots of trail improvements: rock steps at several turns, a ladder cut into a log and a rope handle to use while slip sliding down the steep part near the beach.

There’s a wreck from the early 1900’s visible on the beach, the Karitane. There was a big salvage operation after it sank to recover copper in 1922. Last time we were here, Tim, with a little help from me, reclaimed the “old squally track”. It climbs way up before descending down to meet the main trail. We took it home and had beautiful views of the lighthouse and compound.

We had about 26 hours on our own before more visitors arrived. A group of “senior” kayakers from Tasmania. They couldn’t have been nicer. They camped on the beach at East Cove. I made a substantial apple cake and shared half with them when they came to say goodbye. They’re heading to Flinders Island at 0200.

We meet the nicest people here. It’s hard to get here, which makes the beauty all that more spectacular.






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