Our local wifi spot


Weather has changed a bit as the result of at least one cyclone traveling south but nowhere close to us. With the fog and low pressure, we lost internet service in the house. Luckily there’s a hotspot on the island. This is our view from it. Why are we on the internet?

Tim calls it a lukewarm spot.

I am fine with the down time. I finished my merino mohair blanket and experimented with my charkha spinning wheel. I even spun some acceptable cotton.

We’re still entertaining visitors. Today we had tea with a retired physician from Sydney who has been visiting Deal Island for more than 20 years.

Yesterday was foggy but I also smelled smoke. I chose to run to winter cove. I was concerned because I still smelled smoke and saw wafts of fog drifting in but that’s all it was, fog. Apparently there was a controlled burn in the mainland, which we could smell because of the wind.

We celebrated St. Patrick’s day with a shot of single malt scotch and chicken pot pie. Good cheer to you!


One thought on “Our local wifi spot

  1. What a beautiful view!!! The photos of the beach and cove and other places are just beautiful. No wonder there are a lot of visitors.

    I have not tried spinning cotton but have done a bit of alpaca and of course some wool. I had let spinning go for some time and need to get back into it again. A bit of spindle spinning but do the wheel too.

    Sharon, Shycat


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