Take it outside

As the weather turns nicer, I try to move my activities outside.  I seem to weave a few rope mats every summer.  We need to replace a few rugs at home and I made a frame that lets me weave a Turk’s Head mat.  I did one with climbing rope and the other with manila.

Woven rope mats made on a frame 5 nails on top and bottom and 4 on sides

Woven rope mats made on a frame 5 nails on top and bottom and 4 on sides

My braided rug is coming along S  L  O  W  L  Y.  I’ve been told it looks better in person than in photos.  It’s a good project to work on when sitting and chatting.  Mindless handiwork.

IMG_9575[1]It’s a nice thick rug and if I ever finish it, will be great in the cabin.

I finally have a project back on the floor loom.  A couple of bright, pastel baby blankets.  One down, one to go.

IMG_9573[1]Notice the lamb’s wool on the bench?  I found it at IKEA and it’s making me a happy weaver.

Lastly, I played with some fancy ribbon yarn and made a few necklaces.  My darling daughter and I saw these at a craft shop in West Virginia and I was confident I could recreate them.  I have a little jeweler’s kit and had fun playing with the wire.  There’s a fairly good chance the wearer won’t get stabbed in the neck from the clasp and its attachment.


Of course, knitting is always portable and I plan to bring some on a camping trip we’re taking tomorrow.  I’m making a laceweight, cropped mohair cardigan to wear to my dear son’s wedding this fall.

IMG_9578[1]That’s a wrap.


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