More hot water please

I must be nuts. I am heading into the woods tomorrow with Tim and friends. We ‘re staying at a back country cabin close(r) to a peak they want to climb. The cabin is 3.5 miles in, which shaves 7 miles off the round trip and breaks it up. Sounds like a great plan, right. Well look at this weather report.


High temperature of -2! Low of -23 f!!! We ‘re talking outhouse and haul water from the river. There ‘s purportedly a propane heater but I wonder if it will that keep up with this cold. Time will tell.

I’m prepared. I ‘m bringing hot chocolate and lots of wool; to wear and knit. I ‘m working on several fair isle hats for three young girls. Here ‘s my twisted braid beginning.


I warmed up today by cross country skiing . I saw home from a different perspective.

So warm and cozy looking. Why would I ever leave?

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