Betwixt and between


I hold the latest technology in my lap. I broke down and bought an iPad Air. I nursed along my Apple iBook for eight years. At this point, it’s merely a repository for my photos, all of which are backed up on an external hard drive, CD’s and now Scandisks. It no longer can surf the internet because it’s been outdated.

Last night I looked through my friend’s telescope and clearly saw the moon’s craters and mountains. The night was clear, crisp and below freezing! I had to go inside to thaw my fingers and deferred looking at Jupiter for another night.

My son is downsizing and I am now the proud owner of my Dad’s accordion from the 1930’s. He played it through high school and college to earn money and would briefly bring it out and play a few songs at family gatherings. The last time it was played (can’t say it made music) was at my wedding seven years ago, when it took two inebriated souls to squeeze the bellows, push the buttons and play the notes. Now it’s my turn. So far, not so good. It has to be played by feel because it’s so large, my chin gets pushed up, over the top. But it’s a mobile, off the grid sort of instrument

And then there’s fiber. I put my daughter’s sweater aside to whip up a wee one. Here it is sans button and matching hat. Cute!


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