Blowin’ Stink

What’s a lighthouse without a gale and a little fog thrown in. The new fog horn has been on since 3:00 am. The wind has whipped things around outside and surf is crashing. We couldn’t leave if we wanted to. What could be better? We even have the latest Stephen King book, Doctor Sleep, the sequel to The Shining.

I walked around the cove and nearby trails this morning before it started pouring. Then the rest of the day was devoted to indoor projects.

It’s been very peaceful with the sound of the fog horn, wind and surf. We went up the tower when the wind picked Up. Someone polished the First Order Fresnel lens this summer and it looks pristine. Those photos will follow later.
As I was getting dinner ready tonight, I saw the crescent moon and Venus. Did you?

Two more food substitutions I forgot to mention. I received a gift of raspberry honey from a friend before we left and threw it in with the provisions. It has glazed carrots, sweetened and flavored apple pie, added a nice touch to beef stir fry and glazed currant scones.

I HAVE NO VANILLA! Bushmill’s Irish Honey Whiskey is a nice substitute.

2 thoughts on “Blowin’ Stink

    • It may be important that it is “Honey” Whiskey, which is a little sweet. I couldn’t tell the difference in chocolate chip cookies and it added a nice flavor to rice pudding (and perhaps a little zing) where the alcohol is not cooked out.


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