Winter pleasures

Snow abounds and its 0 degrees F outside. It’s crisp and crackly and I almost got stuck to the hot tub again last night.

The chickadees in this video adapt well to winter. We found safflower seed is a great food for them. Great for them because the squirrels don’t seem to like it and thus don’t empty the feeders as soon as we fill them.

The birds are the epitome of cheeky buggers. They chirp and flit within a foot of me and thank me for their winter feast.

I love the color of a winter amaryllis. This was a Christmas gift and brings warmth to the room.


I made a batch of delicious pasta last night with my new, industrial strength pasta maker. The gift giver also benefits from it.


It was a perfect meal after work with a meat sauce I made on Sunday.


A walk in the woods behind my house tells it all. The quiet and beauty is revealed in winter.


Soon the January thaw will be upon us and it could become a mess.

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