Light wonders

A trip to our closest big city entails a border crossing. We went to Montreal for the evening to see and hear the Montreal Symphony Orchestra perform L’enfance du Christ. If not for a classic Canadian Catch 22, Tim would have been singing with them. But it was wonderful anyway. The night began with magical street lights.

There were dripping icicles over the streets and these angels welcomed us to the Notre-Dame Basilica where the concert was performed.

More wonders to follow. When we crossed the border home

20121220-202409.jpgand had cell phone reception again, we received an invitation to spend time at this lighthouse this summer in Alaska!


2 thoughts on “Light wonders

  1. OMG! Lighthouse in Alaska? You should write a book. Seriously, with your eye, and your way with words, these various experiences, and the right editor and agent, the appeal for those of us who yearn for something more basic and meaningful but can’t have it would be immense! Merry Christmas to you and all those in your sphere… R


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