Creatures, large and small

It all began when Tim took me out to the ball game. We went to a minor league game in Burlington and watched the Lake Monsters, the minor league team for the Oakland A’s, play. They played the Lowell Spinners! I looked hard for Spinner souvenirs but couldn’t find any.

I love minor league baseball. The game is fast and there are lots of diversions…and hot dogs. I haven’t had a hot dog since we joined the CSA and craved one. Their mascot is the Lake Champlain monster, Champy, who kept the kids entertained. I wasn’t scared one bit.


I pulled my knitting out of the bag and set myself up to start knitting when a young boy behind me tapped me on the shoulder. I thought, oh my he’s a sweet Vermonter about to ask me about knitting. Instead he told me there was a grasshopper sitting on my head!

Later In the week, I took a trip to Albany. With a stowaway. A baby mouse had somehow gotten into my car and came along for the ride. It took me a full 12 hours, during which I slept eight of them, to find and remove it from my car. Then I had second thoughts because I had placed it on the asphalt parking lot and thought he’d never survive. So I caught it a second time and released it on a patch of grass. I was wary the whole way home because I kept expecting the rest of its family to show up. I scoured the engine and trunk but couldn’t find any others.

This spider was hanging around the house yesterday but I’m not sure where he is today.



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