Catch of the day

Not yet but I am ready. I found this vial of Muddler Minnows at a yard sale today.


They are nice flies and look good enough to eat. I hope my local fish thinks so too. I am not sure Muddler Minnows attract trout but time will tell. I’m sure it has nothing to do with my fly casting.


I came home and made a batch of watermelon pickles. These are one of my favorites and not available In stores here.


These really look good enough to eat. Tomorrow I will can them and make a batch of dill pickles. We already tried a jar of strawberry jam and it was pretty tasty. I hope we can save some until the middle of winter.

Today I won a book from a knitting magazine, Knitcircus; saw a pink sunset


And am heading out now to see fireworks. It’s an auspicious day. I missed all the other firework displays because the Fourth of July can no longer be celebrated on the 4th because overtime wages for support staff is too high. Instead it’s celebrated on the 3rd, 7th and 21st.


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