Entertainment for the fish

During my walk yesterday, I was amazed to spot brown trout in the river down the road from our house. I saw one large one followed by two smaller ones. That was it. I went into town and bought my annual fishing license.

I bought a license last year but never went fishing. Not once. But now I know where they live … And eat. I am motivated.

I dug up the old fishing rods, bought a few trout lures and headed down the road.


Doesn’t this look enticing. Well it was but, apparently, only enough to amuse. Three, I say 3, trout followed it briefly but then swam away. I used the time to improve my casting and clamor around the rocks and river retrieving my hook from various snags. It was a beautiful day and a good time was had by all – me and the fish.


I am prepared now. I put together a lure box, pliers, (probably should include a first aid kit), improvised creel, filet knife and gloves for the big catch. We returned in the evening and I had a chance to fly cast. Nice day, no fish.



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