Word play

Since I would like to write more, I pay attention to grammar and sentence structure although it  may not always show.  The other night, we watched an older movie entitled “Proof”.  This is an Australian movie starring a young Russell Crowe. (I wonder who added it to our Netflix list?)  Original music was provided by Not Drowning Waving. That group’s name really got me thinking and I ended up googling (I am sure this is a verb by now) “I’m not drowning, I’m waving” and
“I’m not waving, I’m drowning”.  Although the same words are used, the difference in meaning is profound.  One is happy, the other sad.  One is cute and the other is desperate.  It’s amazing what a little change in the order of words will do.


One thought on “Word play

  1. Louise Penny’s latest novel “A Trick of the Light” quotes from a poem by Stevie Smith: “Not waving But Drowning”.

    According to wikipedia the group takes their name from the poem. You probably found that out googling. Interesting for me to find reference to this twice in the same month.


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