Something strange is afoot

The first photo is very shady because I didn’t even take the screen out of the window to shoot it but something strange is going on. We awaken to various crop circles. This was the first and the pattern gets lost behind the screen. it suggests something either skulked around in random circles or it was dragged.

First evidence

Today’s message is a little clearer and I even went outside to shoot this picture. I’m sure it is meant to be the numeral 2. What can it mean?

Crop circles


2 thoughts on “Something strange is afoot

  1. porcupine crawling around eating grass???(that’s jimmy’s guess)his body would be close to the ground and his quills would press the grass flat and clear the frost off the grass…….my first guess was that was where gary drove the tractor and it crushed the grass but it only showed up so well after the frost was on the ground??


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