Day tripping

Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore. We took a day hike in Mount Cook National Park on a perfect day with beautiful views.  Two rangers recommended it to us as “easy” with fabulous views of Mount Cook and the glacial valley.

Well, if you climb high enough, everything is beautiful. And climb we did. Straight up boulders and timber stairs. For two hours. There is something about getting to the top that makes it better.
I guess it is about getting there.

Besides there aren’t many tramping options. This park is for serious mountain climbers with all the gear. People fall off the cliffs with some regularity.
We heard and saw two avalanches and Tim watched a glacier calve.

Our view

3 thoughts on “Day tripping

  1. I hope that you guys won’t find our Adirondacks too dull. But they are VERY people friendly. Looking forward to seeing you … when?


  2. Beautiful vista. We hope you have more photos of Mt. Cook. Does Kansas have mountains this tall? I would guess
    not so scenic as NZ.


    • we will be home the 12h and are really looking forward to getting back to the ADKs. I am looking forward to the Wednesday hiking group but I will probably miss the next one. I have tons of photos but they were all taken on my phone. My camera broke at the start of the Milford Track. So all my photos of that walk, the Routeburn track, Milford Sound,the south coast and Mount Cook are only on my camera. I will see how the came out when I get home. At least I have them to remember my treks.


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