Deal Island record rain reported on the news

Our record rains were reported on the news last night. I missed it. The rain has stopped and the weather today reminded me of a crisp fall day in Maine. It will be windy for the next few days and with a southerly wind (perhaps from Antarctica) and I had to find my wool socks again. Tim went off to do manly things and I hung around the house. He found some of the culverts we just cleared full of silt after the last downpour. I guess it’s back to the rock pile for me.


I spoke with the crew of a boat, which anchored at Erith Island last night, and gave them the weather forecast. it looks like they will be here for a few days. They made an ill fated attempt to leave this morning and encountered big seas and 30 knot winds. So they came back.

P2050134.JPG P2050156.JPG Bunch of carrots

The garden is a big success. I’m pulling carrots out in bunches. I finished spinning a skein of alpaca on the drop spindle.   And it’s sooo soft.


Here are photos of the turkish drop spindle, spinning, then being taken apart


to result in, like magic, a center pull ball of yarn. Lastly, I take both ends of yarn and spin them together again to ply the yarn (combine two or more strands together). So after about 4 days work, I have 100 yards of 2 ply, lovely alpaca yarn.

P2050125.JPG P2050126.JPG

P2050127.JPG P2050128.JPG    P2050130.JPG

One thought on “Deal Island record rain reported on the news

  1. Thanks Lynn! I looked up some online videos as well but they used a more standard spindle. I love how yours makes a perfect ball. Did it take you long to master it?


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