Jack jumpers and spiders

I think i stirred things up with cleaning and blogging. I cleaned the house and the next day awakened to several small, dead spiders in the house. Maybe they ran out of insects to eat or I destroyed their webs. I purposely left two spiders as sentries over the doorway to the sun room to keep the house clean of bugs. I took photos of the dead spiders in the morning and one I ran into at the lighthouse in the afternoon

Kitchen spider Sun room spider Watchful spider at the lighthouse

Then I blogged about vacuuming spiders. I got to put it to the test yesterday.

First, Tim was clearing a trail, while I painted the lighthouse stairs. I had the better of the jobs because once again the views were phenomenal. The wind was howling around the lighthouse and the tower was singing and groaning and the stairs were actually vibrating. What fun!

Another beautiful day at the lighthouse
Ruinsa at the lighthouse and Erith Island
Tim was working away on Squally Trail and was bit by not one, but two, jack jumper ants. I wrote about them earlier and have a link to a photo here. Yikes. At least he didn’t have an allergic reaction to it, which is fairly common. Then to make matters worse, he came home to shower and while he was in the shower, a huntsman spider


was on the outside of the shower door. He couldn’t get out of the shower because if he slid the door, it would have run inside the shower and they are surprisingly fast. He called me to get rid of it. I was hysterical laughing because it is so incredibly huge. I got a litre container and the mouth wasn’t big enough. Then when I moved towards it, the spider started to go in the shower. I could hardly stand, I was laughing so hard. I resorted to extreme measures and got out the vacuum. The spider is about 3X the diameter of the hose but I got it running and managed to suck it into the vacuum. Then we plugged up the hose with a paper towel. How long until it dies in there? And is there a flap to keep it in? I hope so. It may turn out the dead ones are actually more dangerous but the huntsman are so big and ugly.
Plugged vacuum

4 thoughts on “Jack jumpers and spiders

    • I was going to add to the title, not for the arachnaphobic!!! I could do with less spiders too. But many Australians are horrified by ticks. Go figure.


  1. we just can’t imagine a spider 3X the diameter of a vacuum hose!!!! please don’t let any of those giants get into your luggage when you return to the north country….c/j


  2. Just fowl. I’ve been enjoying your blog every few days, but those ginormous spiders are too much. The jumper ant isn’t much better. All else does look like paradise! I’ve been knitting up a storm for a shipment of woolens going to Tibetan earthquake victims; glad to see you are getting some amazing things knitted up! – R


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