Every picture tells a story

We are lucky to share the island with fairy or little penguins. They live in burrows down by the coves and right now their babies are in the burrows all day. The parents leave before dawn to fish all day then return after dark. Some walk quite a way up the hills to their burrows. We saw them one night. They have several landing areas where they come on to the road from the beach. They’re not too hard to find because they leave penguin poo wherever they walk Plus it smells like guano, that distinct aroma of partially digested fish..

P1010084.JPG P1010085.JPG

This is an especially popular hopping off point. They wait as if there is a crossing guard and then hop onto the road and waddle home.

Cars on Deal Island?

This sign welcomes visitors to the Kent Group of islands. It outlines how much people who arrive by car have to pay. We’re 30 miles offshore. The only car we have seen is our 3 cylinder Diahatsu.

Maybe they are all parked on the other side of the island.

It was a beautiful day for a change. All the local visitors left but we met some new people who anchored yesterday on the other side of the island. They are friends with people we met a few days ago. The world keeps getting smaller. But Orion remains upside down. The other night at the barbecue, Tim heard an explanation that Orion is carrying a pot? The hunter with a sword and pot? I don’t think so.

East cove at sea level

One thought on “Every picture tells a story

  1. ah, that pot… As kids we’re not taught that it’s heroic Orion with a sword on his belt – it’s just ‘The Saucepan’. No hunter involved! To help you out: think of the sword as the handle


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