Here come the visitors

Everyone told us that visitors would come after the Christmas and they have. It began with Customs agents yesterday looking for any suspicious boating activity and ended with an eight legged visitor this morning.

Customs agents headed to Deal Island
Last night there were six boats at anchor in our view. There are others in coves we can’t see from the house. We met a couple yesterday who came here on their 28 foot catamaran!
Tim spent the day cleaning gutters and I was still working on floors and yogurt. Then we walked to the lighthouse to close it up for the night.

This morning I ran into this guy when I was baking english muffins. I got a lot braver with my photos when he was under glass.

Yikes, a visitor

3 thoughts on “Here come the visitors

  1. When I was living in South Australia, I came home one day to find a HUGE spider on the wall near the ceiling in my bedroom. It wasn’t moving, so I figured I’d leave it alone. I didn’t sleep very well for the next few nights and when I came home from school on the fourth day I noticed that it was still in the exact same position.

    I decided it was dead and that I should put an end to my nightly horror. I got a dustpan to scoop it up and climbed up on my desk. But as soon as I touched the spider, I’m sure it leaped towards me! I shrieked and ran out of the room. I don’t know what happened to it, but I never saw it again.

    Awesome pictures, by the way!!


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