On the rocks

We’re walking the walks. Yesterday, we hiked to Squally Cove on the east side of the island after lunch. Most of the hikes take a couple of hours and end in spectacular beaches. Yesterday was no different. We were there at mid tide and there were tide pool and the remains of ship, which sunk in the cove after it crashed on the rocks, Christmas Eve, 1920.


There must be something in the water because I am seeing things… in all the rocks and even shipwrecks. Dragons, dogs, people.
PC160082.JPG PC160083.JPG
The pair
Now for some knitting news, I finished the socks knit from merino, possum and bamboo and they are lovely. First project on Deal.
Flinders Island Button
Then I moved onto a headband because I am tired of my hair whipping around in the wind and it’s often too windy for a hat. I’ve ordered my magnetic boots though so should remain grounded. I knit calorimetry twice. Too big, then just right. Now I am on to Christmas gifts. It’s not too late is it??

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