Boat to boat

 Dinghies to the Leeward
Today’s journey began and ended on a boat. Capt. Ethan arrived with the Leeward at 0800 and, with the help of Dee and her family, we loaded our stuff and the cats. They had two dogs and we picked up a bucket of lobsters along the way. All in all it was a peaceful ride.

Shirley inadvertantly got tossed around like luggage a few times but she did fine. 
Leaving Seguin
Then everything was offloaded onto the pier with a gaff hook, including the cats and the rowing machine, and we loaded up the car and headed home.

Lake Champlain Ferry
We took the ferry across Lake Champlain, along with four tractors and a boat full of cars. Drive on, drive off. How simple. We got back to the mountains and then we cleaned again. It’s great to be home.
Shirley and Loki en route


2 thoughts on “Boat to boat

  1. welcome home, i thought i saw i light off in the distance at your house last night from my computer room, guess i was right. see u soon,c/j


    • Hi Carol and Jim, Thanks. We’re excited to be home. Thanks for taking care of the begonias. They look great. We’ll see you soon. Lynne


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