This was not yesterday’s weather

Yesterday we had a small unpredicted(?) nor’easter. Winds averaged 20 knots from the northeast and the seas built over the day. Around midday, a small craft advisory was declared.  Visitors hiked the island and left.

Jim made it out late morning with lumber to repair the fascia but we were worried about his trip home. After the fasclaia was installed, we followed him, like worried parents, with binoculars, to the mouth of the Kennebec. He radioed that all was well and that was that.

The wind continued to howl and rumble and I cooked delicious scallops in wine and cream sauce. Tim poo pooed my Newman’s Own wine but I’m a sucker.

My mittens are done and I have moved onto socks made of wool, possum and silk. But first, I have to try to adjust the valves on the rider mower – hoo boy. Can you say TDC?

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