Island Tide (stick) (Tim thinks I hit a new low with this one)

I feel like I live in a vacuum. During one of my recent trips off the island, Elizabeth introduced me to a tide stick. If you haven’t heard of this yet, like me, stop everything and run out and buy one. I did. I am forever staining my clothing with spills, splatters and drips. It’s even worse here, because I wash my laundry by hand in cold water so I could run out of clothes very quickly. In theory, the Tide stick works best right when the chocolate ice cream runs down the front of your white shirt. But I have had success when I used it later too.

Here’s an example of a typical minor stain.


Last week, when we were loading the barge with old stoves, refrigerators and a washing machine with a wringer, I got big blobs of some especially nasty black grease on my, sort of, nice shorts. After the boat was loaded, i ran back to the house, stripped and applied the Tide stick before I washed the shorts in the bucket. Voila! They are still my, sort of, nice hang out shorts.

I washed these pants in joy and forgot there was a stain. I used the Tide stick when they were hanging on the line.


Much better. I’m sold. Now I have to see how it works on cat barf on a white chair. I’ll keep those pictures to myself.


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