A walk down the block

Tim and I can both be a bit compulsive.  For me, anything I am working on at the moment can become a priority.  So after several hours of quilting yesterday, we went for a local walk in the neighborhood and these are the views we stumbled upon.  We couldn’t quite see our house but could see the ski area next door from the top of a local hill.

view to home

tall view to giant mountain

giant mountain

local lean to

Then I stumbled upon a geocache treasure.

This morning, the views were just as good from home.
View from home


One thought on “A walk down the block

  1. the views to Giant Mt. and the view from our home are all NY State wilderness, “forever wild,” as mandated in the state constitution. We are blessed to be almost surrounded by 3 such wilderness areas: Giant, Hurricane, and Jay for a total of 43,500 acres. Continguous with those are 250,000 more acres in the High Peaks and Dix Wilderness areas.


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