I Feel Spring

I can feel Spring on the edge. Snowdrops and crocuses are in bloom and even though the temperature is in the mid 40’s, it feels warmer. I completed my knitting frenzy and already sent it off. The Duxbury sweater for my daughter is beautiful, I am happy with the pattern modifications although the armholes may be a little large. I brought it on a 3 day trip to Nova Scotia, but was too exhausted at the end of each day to even look at it. I did complete a pair of socks during the car ride though. We were looking at seaside places to buy for retirement. We saw several beautiful affordable places but concluded that: a) it is just too far away from my roots in NY; and b) it may be too complicated to gain residency during retirement. It seems that doctors are in demand and in order for me to retire from medicine and live full time there, I would have to work as a doctor. Not exactly what I had in mind. It would definitely cut into knitting, spinning and sailing time. There were beautiful properties though if you only wanted a second home there and that would be less complicated.

I finally knit up a pair of Fiber Trends clogs and am ecstatic. I don’t think it will be a stash buster for me because now I plan to knit them for everyone I know and have particular colors in mind. I found that the Paton’s Classic Merino felted like a dream.

I am looking forward to tonight – Spinning Guild, tomorrow – Fire Island knitters coming to my house to dye with Kool Aid; and Saturday when I will attend a knitting workshop.

In between, DH has been getting the boat ready for us to move aboard May 1. The only problem (well actually there are more) is that the boat is blocked in the yard and there is a chance we could move in on the hard. There is always the lingering question of what to do about the cats. I think I will have to attempt to have them live aboard for our 2 month initial trip before we move to our next lighthouse. Then we’ll be ashore for 2 months and perhaps by then, my son will have chosen a law school and may live off campus… In between all this I am working and preparing for a backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon at the end of the month. I’ll knit a lace weight shawl.

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