Snow Day!!!

Fire Island LightI looked forward to the snowstorm all weekend.  How childish that I was looking forward to an unscheduled day off work.  I only work 2 days a week and will have to reschedule all these patients anyway but….yipeeeee!!   Overnight the house was shuddering with the wind.  Snow frames all our windows and the wind and sleet are still blowing.

DH went off island anyway but I intend to stay by the fire and work on my Duxbury Sweater.  I am down to the second sleeve and love how the saddle shoulder is knitted onto the front and back of the sweater pieces. Duxbury Saddle Shoulder I’ll remember this sweater because it is about my 4th Fisherman style sweater and the first where I have gotten rid of the cable needles.  I worked with techniques from EZ’s knitting glossary and a video I found on Youtube, which was even easier.  I realize I let my stitches float in the air a little more than shown on the video.  In between I darned DH’s slipper socks, which he has worn to shreds.  Later I hope to spin up some Corriedale that is Kool Aid dyed.

Cherry Kool Aid Single Ply

I may also dye the rest of my Corriedale roving because I just received a pound of grey Shetland and white BFL that I am eager to get to but have been working sequentially on projects lately.  I’ve decided to make socks out of the Mohair Merino Blend since I havent’t tried carding nylon into my yarn yet and want them to wear well.  My next pair for DH will be EZ’s mocassin socks so I can replace the sole as needed.  I saw that he has completely worn away the sole on the slipper socks that have a suede bottom that I made last summer.  I’m happy that he likes them so much.

We went to the Adirondacks last week and went cross country skiing and snowshoeing.  Lake Placid was pretty quiet considering it was Winter Break for many schools.  I got to wear all my warm 2008 items, Thorpe, Cowl and Norwegian mittens.  And I could knit in the car and got several hours of work on the Duxbury.february-20093 The cowl has been reworked again.  Since it is too big and I am too lazy to rip it out, I have now knit up an I-cord so it fits snuggly.  It’s great to wear when I run because I like my hair in a pony tail and hats don’t stay on.february-20091And for a random photo, this large sea creature was offshore last week, hmmmm.

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