A Valentine Trek

DH decided it was time for me to leave the knitting and spinning at home and take in some fresh air (well actually I packed my socks to take with me) I was duped into leaving the cozy couch by the offer of a nice meal out at a restaurant. This is a big deal because the only restaurant that remains open all year on the island is 2+ miles away on sandy unpaved roads. The tide was right and we were able to take our bikes along the ocean for a bit, where we saw a Harp seal that was wounded and had washed up on the beach. Help was on the way from the Marine Foundation. Further down the beach we found a bunch of sand dollars. We sipped hot cocoa and pressed on, actually past the restaurant – hey this was more than I signed up for.

We rode through the Sunken Forest and through Cherry Grove and the Pines. This added about 5 miles one way to the trip. We ran into some people who chewed my ear for a while until DH was ready to pack off again.

Back to the restaurant and a wonderful meal, and cocktails. Then the ride back home in the dark on the ocean. What a life!

Back at home, I am  knitting my the Duxbury cable sweater without any cable needle. What freedom!  I have experimented with a few different methods and have found the best ones for me.  On the spinning front, i’ve been swatching some recent yarns and making big plans.


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